How a Friend of 15 Years Can Direct You to the Best of Your Art

How a Friend of 15 Years Can Direct You to the Best of Your Art. Image source: Pixabay
How a Friend of 15 Years Can Direct You to the Best of Your Art. Image source: via Pixabay


Have you ever felt like your art is not good enough, or somehow it does not seem to impress people and sell well?

Have you tried to imitate other creatives because they were already achieving results you want to achieve?

Have you followed experts so eagerly that you somehow lost yourself in the process?


I’ve got news for you. It doesn’t have to be that way.   


This story is not about me. It’s about you. Every single word of it.


This is what friends do

I had a long profound conversation the other day with a friend of 15 years. It was one of those nights when friends fall into discussions about Life, the Universe, and everything else.


And here’s what he told me:  


You are aware you may not be the most beautiful out there. And you are well aware of it. What I have appreciated in you for all these years is that you are super intelligent. You are wacky! Or, I am not sure if this is the right word... Yeah, wacky! And original! And just... different.


However, I have a critique for you. And it’s a recent one. You have started to fall for commercialism lately.


You can achieve great things if you stay true to the real you. Because you stand out.   


WOW, right? I was speechless.


This is what we do

His words left me moved and thinking for hours.


He was right – I had indeed fallen for commercialism, imitating others in my attempts to attract attention and replicate success.

What had touched me deeply though, was his belief in my authenticity. He could see something I had lost a sight of. I had somehow allowed doubt to conquer my self-trust and confidence in my own talents.


I mean, what’s so special about me, anyway? There are much better artists. I am just me. Not a big deal. I know I am kinda cool, but that’s it. Nothing unusual, nothing exceptional...


Or is it?  


'Butterflies can't see their wings. They can't see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.' — Naya Rivera


When looking back, I realized that some of my most successful artworks were created without me trying to please people, but just because I felt the need, the passion to create. To me they were natural. They turned out spontaneous and authentic – and folk somehow seemed to like them.


'What is obvious to you is amazing to others.'

– Derek Sivers


This has happened in many different mediums - writing, painting, drawing, design, cooking, acting, dancing, and I might be missing out something but that’s fine.


Just as the amazing conceptual artist Marta Minujín shares,


"Many things I do for fun. Just for fun."


"I believe that artists should learn as much as they can, and then unlearn."



Of course, I am not saying you should create art just for the sake of it and then starve (if you’re aiming to create a living off it) – no, for Flying Spaghetti Monster’s sake! Do use marketing funnels, blogging, webinars, social media and all that jazz, but just beware not to “get lost in the tools”, as another friend (Frank McKinley) put it.


I want to remind you that you are exceptional, unique, original and wonderful, just like my friend of 15 years reminded me the other night.


You have a gift and it is your duty to share it with the world because nobody else has the same blend of talents, personality and experience as you do.  Your art is an expression of your uniqueness.


You are amazing for the real you. And so is your art.


So stay real. Stay artist. Stay STARRING.



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