33 Common Stereotypes about Creatives

33 stereotypes of creatives
33 contradictive stereotypes of creatives. Photo credit - Sketches of Sofia


Society stereotypes normally appear to describe common traits among a large group of people. They often refer to a small – but rather distinctive - minority and delegate the qualities to the whole group. Just think of Aries’ stubbornness and Scorpios’ revengefulness among the zodiac signs! Chances are, the larger the group, the greater and more contradictive variety of stereotypes we’ll come across.


Here is a list of 33 stereotypes we often hear about creative people:

  1. Creatives are NOT successful
  2. If they do succeed however, they are either lucky or DEAD
  3. Creatives do not work (because they do what they love)
  4. Creatives should not ask for payment for their creative work (well, because it is not work)
  5. Creatives are full of new, original, unseen, unheard, unwritten, unread, un-fill-in-the-blank ideas
  6. Creatives rely desperately on inspiration to solve any blocks they might have
  7. Creatives are weird misfits
  8. Creatives are idealistic and naive
  9. Creatives live in a fantasy world full of mermaids, magic and unicorns
  10. Creatives are (diplomatically said) psychologically unstable (Van Gogh)
  11. Creatives abuse drugs, alcohol and sex (Robin Williams, Amy Winehouse, Frida Kahlo)
  12. Creatives are miserable (Modigliani)
  13. Creatives are extravagant, eccentric and egocentric (Salvador Dali)
  14. Creatives are arrogant (Caravaggio)
  15. Creatives die broke (Mozart)
  16. Creatives steal (Picasso)
  17. Creatives are never satisfied with their works (Leonardo)
  18. Creatives fall in love with their works (Pygmalion)
  19. Creatives are perfectionists
  20. Creatives are temperamental
  21. Creatives are messy
  22. Creatives are organized
  23. Creatives are undisciplined
  24. Creatives are immature
  25. Creatives are lonely and misunderstood
  26. Creatives are introverts
  27. Creatives party all the time
  28. Creatives are funny and original
  29. Creatives are traditionalists
  30. Creatives are technophobes
  31. Creatives are super stylish and edgy
  32. Creatives neglect their appearance
  33. Creatives are hippies/ punks/ goths

Being a creative myself, I admit I have fallen into some of these categories – if not now, at least during certain periods of my life.

For example, I did feel quite misunderstood during my teen years, I am still somewhat idealistic and naive, and I have always been messy. Plus, I have a magic carpet on my floor!

I have also NEVER smoked; seldom do I drink more than 1 glass of wine (if at all), and I am also one of the loveliest people I know (LOL, ask my mom about this!).

However, I do know a number of people who are from totally different backgrounds and drink much more than the drunkest artist I’ve ever met.

This all comes from the mere fact we are all unique individuals with certain personality traits (DUH!). And more often than not, these have to do very little with the work we practice.

And you know what the best part is? Creatives know best!

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  • Which are the most annoying ones?
  • Which ones apply to you?
  • What else can you add to the list?

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The photos on this blog post are courtesy of the Sketches of Sofia. Special thanks for allowing me to use them!

This article was partially influenced by this post on Art Now and Then. Have a read!

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