Good day! And welcome to Just How Cool Is That!

Or backstage stories from the creative journey!

Jeez, but why on Earth should we go backstage? Isn't it cool enough to just admire the end result? All these paintings, books, movies, drawings, designs, costumes, or-insert-your-own-choice-here, they are all worth our devoted attention, aren't they?


Of course they are! But let me tell you something... *dramatic drum roll*... The end result is only the tip of the iceberg...*WOAH! We've just invented hot water!*


What is hidden beneath? Come and find out with me! :)


Yeah?... An' who are you?

OK, before we dive in, let me introduce myself.


My friends call me Meg.


I am a multi-faceted creative with professional experience of 15+ years - artist, designer, author, MEGician - to name a few. My curiosity and various interests have led me through a number of explorations within the creative fields, including a BA degree in Computer graphics, animation and multimedia at New Bulgarian University and MA in Applied imagination in the creative industries at Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London.


Recently I had to slow down a little due to my new role as a mom of Her Royal Highness my beautiful baby girl :) But gradually I am returning to my beloved world of arts and creativity :)


Currently I am professionally focused on fine art painting and graphic design - to support both my clients and my own art business.



What's it all about?

The concept of this website is based on The Making of ... type of books and documentaries.

  • My first encounters with something similar was around the 4th grade when reading an emblematical Bulgarian novel ("Under the Yoke" by Ivan Vazov). In the author's notes at the end of the book I read about his inspiration and real-life prototypes he used to develop the characters. This was also the first time I stumbled upon the word prototype and I was highly impressed :)
  • Then a few years later I saw that preview about the making of Aladdin, showing animators at Walt Disney Studios flip through their rough drawings... My jaw dropped :)
  • Then, there was that computer game I was crazy about in my teens, King's Quest 6. My excitement went over the roof when I found the hidden bonuses on the CD, among them the "jewel in the crown" - a 5-minute documentary interview with creator Roberta Williams called "The Making of King's Quest 6"
  • On my second trip to Disneyland (CA) I bought all "Making of" books available at the store, and later I ordered even more on Amazon.   

Ironically, it wasn't until recently that I noticed most people got engaged - and even intrigued! - by my own artworks after I actually told them more about the process of creation. Or it was just me, projecting my own perception...


Whatever the case, I ended up creating this website. I wouldn't only showcase my own works and creative process, not at all!

The main idea was to headhunt for some Sssssssssssssuper cooooooooooooool creatives and interview them about the process behind some of their works. What is better than getting inner information right from the source, right?

The name  Just How Cool Is That?! is close to what I normally say when I learn something truly amazing.


So here we are! Exhale, relax, and enjoy your Journey!

And remember - we're all mad here. So don't take yourself too seriously ;)



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